We work closely with our customers to develop copy that will help achieve the specific goals of each project. Sometimes it’s simply to create a favorable impression by telling your company’s “story” and how your products and services can benefit potential clients.

Often the goal is more specific—sign up for a special offer, learn more, make a purchase, or give a charitable donation. One direct mail piece we wrote for a nonprofit customer had a 68% response rate and another targeted postcard campaign netted a 64% return on investment for a small business owner!

We have the versatility to write a wide range of marketing materials—from simple promotional flyers to complex websites, traditional direct mail printed pieces to online e-marketing campaigns. We also help clients establish or redefine their brand by providing taglines, competitive analysis, and key message development.

We combine our marketing expertise and wordsmithing skills with our customers’ knowledge of their products, their industry, and their clients to develop materials that are eye-catching, impactful, and effective.

Our customers tell us we do a pretty good job.

Have a look at our Portfolio Samples and judge for yourself.