Projects are customized to each client’s specific needs and budget. We always give a detailed estimate of the services to be provided, with an inclusive price that covers all meetings, research, and designated number of edits—so there are no billing surprises. And you are only charged for the actual hours worked.

We offer a broad spectrum of copywriting services, including:

Competitive Analysis

Before developing a marketing campaign, it helps to know what your competitors are saying in order to make your message truly stand out. A competitive analysis will help us (and you) develop brand messaging, marketing strategies, and content that truly distinguish your company and clearly demonstrate how your products and services satisfy your customers’ needs.


If not properly managed, frequently-used documents such as guidebooks, manuals, and proposal libraries can become disorganized, inconsistent, and outdated. We can do the time-consuming “grunt” work to update, format, and organize these documents with a consistent look, style, and message—and save you the time and effort of having to do this task yourself.

We can also fine tune your current marketing materials and website to more effectively promote your company.