Writing for Direct Mail

Studies show that traditional direct mail influences customer purchases more than any other channel, and that 67% of online action is triggered by print messages.

Direct mail is a good example of how copy and design can work well together, as it takes compelling visuals and copy to drive the customer to take action. The effectiveness of each campaign can be accurately measured by the number of responses received and the increase in sales.

We’ve written several successful direct mail pieces—including sales letters, self-mailers, and postcards—that have more than paid for themselves in increased revenue for our customers.

Direct Mail Examples
April 12, 2014

Our sales group thought the letter Donna wrote had the message we wanted to convey. The customer response for the first drop was greater than expected and it looks like it’s going to increase with the second drop, as the numbers are quite high after only a few weeks. We're very happy with the results.