Symptoms Ad Campaign

About the Client

One of the cardiologists at ColumbiaDoctors of the Hudson Valley wanted an advertising campaign that would alert people to the seemingly benign symptoms of heart-related diseases that could have serious implications if not treated promptly and properly. And while he wanted to motivate people to take action, he didn’t necessarily want to scare them.

In addition, he wanted two separate campaigns—one that focused on the those age 65+ and another on the “working well” ages 35-65—as symptoms and treatments varied for the two age groups.

Our Solution

We wrote two series of six ads each, with similar messagesbut slight copy tweaks and different photos that reflected each age group. Ads have a short bold headline with a question about what specific symptoms could indicate, coming either from the person pictured or posed as a generic question. Brief text told of possible conditions and included a related medical statistic and possible treatment. All ads end with the tagline: “We can tell you more about this. Let’s talk.”

To date, the ads have appeared in the Journal News in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties, on billboards at the Palisades Center Mall, and online on and

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